General terms and conditions  Nationalpark WinterCard

1. GENERAL These general terms and conditions (T&Cs) are valid for every holder of a Nationalpark WinterCard (NPWC) and are based on an agreement between the Ferienregion Nationalpark Hohe Tauern GmbH (FNPHT) and participating companies within the framework of the co-operation on the NPWC electronic visitors card.

2. DEFINITION The NPWC is valid for all persons who stay the night at one of the participating accommodation providers during the NPWC season (1 December to 15 April) and fulfil the conditions for the NPWC (which can be gained on request to FNPHT). The defined benefits and services are indicated as such and cited in the NPWC folder.

3. SCOPE OF BENEFITS AND SERVICES / DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY Use of the benefits and/or services leads solely to a contractual relationship between the holder of the NPWC and the NPWC service partner, which provides the benefits and/ or services. The holders of the NPWC affirm they have taken note that the business times of some partners will not cover the entire duration of the NPWC season, especially in cases of bad weather or adverse seasonal conditions. At some companies, long waiting times can develop due to capacity reasons and some benefits and/or services can only by utilised after prior notice. The holder of a NPWC declare to be in agreement with the stated opening and business times, possible restrictions on entry and occupancy indications of the NPWC service partners. The holders waive the right to any damages if the benefits or services offered are not rendered or only partially rendered. The NPWC service partners are liable only for gross negligence and intent, but not for minor negligence. In addition, there is no liability for any clothing or other valuables taken to a location where the card is used. The holders of the NPWC additionally take note that the FNPHT is entitled to end the agreements in place with individual NPWC service partners for important reasons (also during the season) and change the duration of contracts and thereby in some circumstances end the validity of individual visitors’ cards. Consequently, no claims of any kind are valid against the FNPHT or the NPWC accommodation providers.

4. ISSUANCE OF VISITORS’ CARDS Accommodation providers are obligated to register guests electronically and hand them a card valid for the duration of their stay.

5. NON-TRANSFERABILITY / DAMAGE / LOSS The NPWC is non-transferable and is valid only upon presentation of valid photo identification. The card can only be used by the person whose name is on the card and saved on the barcode. In the event of non-use, no replacement can be provided. The NPWC accommodation provider should be promptly informed or shown any cases of loss, damage or technical deficiencies. The guest will be promptly issued with a new NPWC. Upon showing the new visitors’ card, the lost or damaged card immediately loses its validity.

6. VALIDITY The electronic visitors’ card is valid from the date of arrival until the date of departure and then loses its validity. The validity will be checked by the partner companies (see point two of this agreement also).

7. USAGE To attain the benefits of the card, the cardholder has to present their NPWC, which will by checked for validity and identity by the NPWC service partner with an authorisation device or a simple visual inspection noting the card number and the name of the holder.

8. MISUSE In the case of improper use of the NPWC, the NPWC service partners are entitled and obliged to seize the visitors’ card without replacement. The cardholder is liable for the improper use of the card by third parties. In the


case of theft or loss, the cardholder is obliged to report the incident promptly to the NPWC accommodation provider or FNPHT via T +43 6562 40939 or

9. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY OF FNPHT The holder of the NPWC notes that FNPHT is solely responsible for the handling between the holder of the NPWC and the NPWC service partner as well as the NPWC accommodation provider. The holders of the NPWC waive the right to make any conceivable guarantee or damage compensation claim against FNPHT independently of whether the NPWC service partner or the NPWC accommodation provider is charged with culpability for damages or not. It is declared that – as far as a case of liability is concerned – the FNPHT is not liable for this type of event of damage and neither are the NPWC service partners or the NPWC accommodation providers along with assistants, employees and staff members of the FNPHT. Likewise the holder of the NPWC is not due any damages from FNPHT in the possible case that the benefits or services from NPWC service providers cited in the brochure are not fulfilled.

10. JURISDICTION For all disputes about the usage of the NPWC or possible compensation or guarantee claims, the sole jurisdiction of the county court of Zell am See is agreed upon, as is the sole application of Austrian law.

11. DATA PROTECTION By using the NPWC the holder of the guest card explicitly agrees to the usage of his/her saved address details for internal processing purposes by the FNPHT within the legal framework of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679).